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Private Investment Bank

Welcome to Antipodes

Antipodes is a specialist corporate finance advisor to large New Zealand and multi-national companies.  It was established in 1998, and has built a strong track record of delivering outstanding outcomes for its clients.


It provides financial and strategic advice principally in relation to significant developments in a company's growth strategies and capital structure. This regularly involves the business in such matters as mergers, takeovers, divestments, capital raising and debt arrangement.D EQUITY FINANCIAL STRUCTURING

Antipodes is typically involved in the evaluation, as well as structuring, negotiation, and execution of these projects.  Antipodes also provides general corporate finance advice.

In addition to its core investment banking activities, Antipodes and its Directors invest as principals in emerging New Zealand-based companies.

Track Record

Track Record
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Transaction Related Advice

  • Capital Raising and Financing:

        -   ​Debt arrangement / restructuring
        -   Balance sheet structuring

        -   Capital raising - public and private 

        -   Structuring and negotiation

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments:

        -   Deal Origination

        -   Acquisition / investment / merger feasibility

        -   Sale scoping / feasibility

        -   Valuation

        -   Acquisition / divestment management

        -   Public company takeovers

Strategic Advice

  • Competitive positioning

  • Organisational strategy

  • Structure and governance

  • Corporate finance issues

  • Private company exit strategies

The Team

The Team

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