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Antipodes is a specialist corporate finance advisor to large New Zealand and multi-national companies.  It was established in 1998, and has built a strong track record of delivering outstanding outcomes for its clients.


It provides financial and strategic advice principally in relation to significant developments in a company's growth strategies and capital structure. This regularly involves the business in such matters as mergers, takeovers, divestments, capital raising and debt arrangement. PRIVATE DEBT AND EQUITY FINANCIAL STRUCTURING
Antipodes is typically involved in the evaluation, as well as structuring, negotiation, and execution of these projects.  Antipodes also provides general corporate finance advice.

Antipodes can provide assistance in relation to Covid-19 challenges to assess and access the appropriate capital structure to get through (debt and equity).

In addition to its core investment banking activities, Antipodes is involved in the following:

  • Private Equity: Antipodes and its Directors invest as principals in emerging New Zealand-based companies. 

  • Business Sales:  Endeavour Business Sales is a subsidiary of Antipodes that undertakes sell-side mandates for owners in the SME market.  

  • Covid-19 is creating serious financial issues for all businesses, even those with the most conservative balance sheets.  Particularly hard hit are those with high fixed costs, where a reduction in revenues drains financial headroom very quickly.


  • In most cases, the existing relationship bank will play an important role in the solution, however:


       -    Needs may exceed bank appetite.

       -    While the crown guarantee regime will assist some, the cap of $500k will limit its usefulness to 

            larger businesses; and


       -    Bank executives and credit processes are already inundated with requests.  Well-structured

            applications and analysis can both increase the likelihood of a positive outcome and expedite bank

            response times.

  • To navigate forward, it is important to think more broadly about capital structure.  Even for business that have historically relied solely on shareholder’s funds and bank debt, the solution may require:

       -    A more structured facility from the current bank,

       -    Debt from a non-bank provider,

       -    Hybrid debt,

       -    Fresh equity from a financial investor,

       or a combination of the above.

  • Antipodes is well equipped to assist:

       -    Excellent relationships with the NZ trading banks and a thorough understanding of their approach

            to credit and risk.

       -    Deep relationships with local and offshore equity providers and non-bank financiers, a number of

            which are actively seeking opportunities to invest in high-quality companies facing unexpected

            capital requirements.

       -    Financial modelling capability, including scenario analysis tools.

       -    Extensive structuring experience, both debt and equity.

       All backed by an extensive track record.

  • The Government has recognised the importance of the provision of capital to businesses at this time, and as such, Antipodes is an essential services provider.

  • Antipodes is available to assist immediately.

Covid-19 Help


Track Record

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Transaction Related Advice

  • Capital Raising and Financing:

        -   ​Debt arrangement / restructuring
        -   Balance sheet structuring

        -   Capital raising - public and private 

        -   Structuring and negotiation

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments:

        -   Deal Origination

        -   Acquisition / investment / merger feasibility

        -   Sale scoping / feasibility

        -   Valuation

        -   Acquisition / divestment management

        -   Public company takeovers

See how we can assist with Covid-19 here.

Strategic Advice

  • Competitive positioning

  • Organisational strategy

  • Structure and governance

  • Corporate finance issues

  • Private company exit strategies


The Team

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